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Season 2, Episode 32

Mindful Leadership

~ Michelle Casto is a Mindful Leadership, Success Coach and Author who brings Alignment Protocols to Business Strategy and Change Management.  She has a 25 year background in the field of adult education, peak performance and professional coaching. Her particular expertise is guiding leaders to manage “power stress” so that they can access clarity, vision and empowerment – even when the organization is undergoing major evolution.

Her PhD. research encompassed the Science of Success, where she discovered a positive correlation between coaching, mindset and results.
A passionate advocate for empowerment, Michelle helps her clients Thrive, by employing a potent combination of intuitive, innovative, and strategic success methodologies.
Michelle Casto’s work has been featured on Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Austin Business Journal and hundreds of podcasts and empowerment summits.


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