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Season 3, Episode 2

The of Ladies 


Today Theresa welcomes the ladies from ChiChat Podcast.

That is four women who come together to encourage, inform and inspire women by creating a dialogue that develops strong sisterhood and friendship. 

Yolanda Randolph is the creator of the #Her Intuition Movement, a movement dedicated to empowering and motivating women to be at their best and to remind them of their worth. A survivor of domestic violence and many trials throughout her life, she has become persistent with encouraging others; in hopes that she is an inspiration.

Ebony R. is a wife, mom, healthcare worker and makeup artist. She has a passion to help women feel beautiful through skin care tips and make up techniques.

Katrina is a wife, mom and healthcare worker who encourages all who she meets. Her smile lights up the room and draws people in. 

Breonna is a wife, educator and entrepreneur who helps women find their lane in their business and purpose. She speaks life to women who may be in transition.



Theresa Crowley


Ladies of the ChiChat Podcast

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